JRTCA Rules for Exhibitors

1.      All sanctioned classes are open to Jack Russell Terriers only

2.      Exhibitors and owners of terriers entered must be current JRTCA members, and must not be a member of a conflicting JRT organization or register their JRTs in any all-breed registry or conflicting JRT organization registry. If an exhibitor is found to be in violation of this policy, entry will be disqualified and no refunds given. If a violation is confirmed after the trial, placements will be voided from all JRTCA records. Exhibitors must submit a completed entry form including a signed waiver for every trial they enter.

3.      Entries MUST be within the 10-15" JRTCA height standard for all sanctioned classes (with the exception of pups who have not yet met the 10" height standard); measuring devices will be available on the trial grounds.

4.      Puppies (under 12 months of age) are not eligible for championship in any division but their own. Puppies are eligible to compete only if they have reached their four-month birthday (not

5.      Bitches in season may not compete in any division. Pre-entry fees of bitches in season to be refunded with vet certificate from owner, or as otherwise agreed upon by the Trial Chairman.

6.      Spayed or neutered terriers may compete in Miscellaneous Conformation. They may not compete in Puppy, Family*, Open or Working Conformation.
*Note: For Family Classes, Brood Bitches and Stud Dogs entered may not be spayed/neutered. The offspring at their sides may be intact or spayed/neutered.

7.      A terrier bred by a Sanctioned JRTCA Judge may not be shown under that Judge in the Conformation division.

8.      Terriers owned or co-owned by the Trial Chairperson, or any member of their household, may not be entered in any phase of the competition, with the exception of Child and Youth Handling.

9.      Terriers owned by judges may not be entered in the division in which they are judging, but may enter the competition in any other division.

10.   Terriers owned by stewards may be entered in any division provided that they find a substitute to perform their duties or have someone else show their terriers.

11.   Requests for the measurement of a terrier entered in any class number may be made only by another exhibitor in that same class number or by the Judge EXCEPT in Racing. Requests for the measurement of a terrier in Racing may be made by the Judge or by an exhibitor with a terrier entered in the same class number; OR, if classes are split by gender, may call for the measurement of a terrier of the opposite gender in the same age and height category. (Example: The owner of an under adult dog entered in Racing may call for the measurement of an under adult bitch as the potential exists for them to race each other in the Championship Races.) Exhibitors racing puppies may call for the measurement of a puppy in a different age category as long as it is in the same height category. The person making the request for measurement must name the terrier or terriers they wish to have measured, but requests for measurement of entire classes will not be honored. The measurement of the terrier will be considered the terrier's official height for the duration of the trial. Only JRTCA height cards issued after September,1999 will be honored.

12.   Excessive use of squeaky or fur-like baiting devices by exhibitors is prohibited in the Conformation ring and may result in the exhibitor being excused from the class. "Excessive Use" will be at the judge's discretion.

13.   Exhibitors participating in the JRTCA Working Terrier classes or Certificate Go-to-Ground must submit the appropriate JRTCA certificates with pre-entries or at the time of post-entry. The Judge may require a copy of the certificate be presented to the ring/den steward at the time of judging. Registered terriers may submit a copy of a NHC application signed by a JRTCA Working Judge within 30 days of the date it was issued.

14.   Puppies under the age of three months are not permitted on the trial grounds. Any person violating this rule will be excused from all classes entered, and asked to leave the trial site.

15.   All dogs must be leashed or crated except when competition requires off leash work. No liberty leashes allowed.

16.   Overly aggressive dogs or an owner's failure to control his/her dog may result in disqualification at the discretion of the judges or the Trial Chairperson.

17.   The abuse or severe disciplining of dogs on the trial grounds is prohibited. Anyone displaying such behavior will be asked to leave the trial site, and no entry fees will be refunded.

18.   Dogs, other than JRTs, on the grounds may be excluded or permitted at the discretion of the Trial Chairperson.

19.   Exhibitors are responsible to double-check the classes they have entered and be on time. No refunds will be given for missed classes.

20.   The owner/handler of a terrier entering any class does so at his/her own risk and agrees to abide by the rules of the JRTCA and the trial. A copy of the JRTCA Rule Book can be obtained by contacting the JRTCA office (410-561-3655), or it can be downloaded from the JRTCA web site (www.terrier.com).

21.   Unsportsmanlike conduct, or the use of foul and abusive language, will not be tolerated. Anyone demonstrating such conduct will be asked to leave the trial site and no entry fees will be refunded. In addition, such conduct will be subject to penalties, which may include the suspension of membership, restriction from entering the JRTCA National Trial, and/or fines. Trial Chairpersons have the right to refuse any entry at their sole and absolute discretion.

22.   All dogs brought to JRTCA sanctioned trials must be current on vaccinations. No dogs of any age may be brought to a trial who have suspicion of contagious or infectious disease.